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As regards the Loan services in Firstcrow, with the right lender it is very easy to access. It only entails a lender committed to taking the mystery out of the mortgage loan process. Firstcrow in her versatility knows and understands that her investors want candid answers, simple facts and products in competition. Firstcrow ofers Loan services to her investors with over $100,000 investment in the diferent investment packages offered by Firstcrow. Investors with over $100,000 are eligible enough to loans of $500,000 to $1,000,000 yearly with 10% paid monthly or the Investor could wish to compound the interest till the time lapse, as long as all requited details and identity of the investor are duly ascertained by the Firstcrow Loan Board. Every investor with an investment of above $100,000 is assigned a personal account manager and the investor has a direct communication with the manager in other to ensure that our loan offers are secured.

Firstcrow Managed Portfolios

main features

Investors of above $100,000 can apply for loans.

Direct communication with the account manager.

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